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September 24, 2019

One of the greatest ways I have heard someone describe marriage is that, “it’s a journey of self-reflection and your partner, the joys and struggles you share with them, is that mirror you hold up to yourself.” It’s true, marriage is no joke, and yet I see couples all the time ready to dive in with a trusting heart to one another. People who struggle with the idea of commitment or long term couples who are struggling right now may call this honeymoon stage or willingness to enter into a long term commitment ignorance, but I call it faith. Faith that people are able to serve others and their partner and sacrifice a bit of themselves to give hope to something greater. Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Marriage Insights from a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Two is not stronger than one just because of their opposing strengths, it’s because the other person is there to lift them up. In the struggle, a person is often dealing with self-reflection into something they might have to change about themselves, but in the end, they are better for it. Through it all they heal and gain more strengths than ever before, often patience, understanding, courage and above all, love.Las Vegas Wedding PhotographyLas Vegas Engagement PhotographyLas Vegas Engagement Photography

Las Vegas Engagement Photos

Iris and Rad are a fun couple who love each other deeply and are ready to become stronger together. They met almost two years ago. You can tell their hearts are full of love, faith, and are ready for a beautiful future together.

Iris happened to use a free 7 day coupon for because, why not? In those 7 days, she went on a date with a guy named Rad at the SG Bar in West Vegas. She noticed he was the most affectionate geek she had ever met. Rad was immediately attracted by her cute and happy nature.They had a beer, tuna tartar and hours of some of the best conversations they ever had. Rad showed that chivalry was not dead by walking Iris to her car at the end of the date, opened the door for her, then they shared an unforgettable kiss goodbye. The rest was history.Las Vegas Engagement PhotographyLas Vegas Engagement PhotographyLas Vegas Wedding PhotographerRad proposed at his mom’s house, the home he grew up when they went for a visit. Iris recalls the moment in a hilarious way. “I remember him disguising the proposal by saying “I got a gift for you and he turned his back to me, just like the thousands of other times when he jokes with me that he got me something and it turns out to be a fart…. But to my surprise, he turned around with a little white box in his hands.” Ah, this story is just so good isn’t it. Iris even remembers exactly what Rad said. “Will you make me the happiest man on earth?” Iris screamed and said “OMG! Really? Really?” and said “Yes!”Las Vegas Engagement PhotographyIris jumped out of the room to show his mom and sisters the ring, realizing then that everyone knew already. His family hosted a big party later that evening at Rad’s mom’s with all his family and friends. “He later told me that he was shy to propose in front of everyone, and wanted the proposal to be intimate and just between him and me,” says Iris.Las Vegas Engagement PhotographyThey look forward to the little things in life together, which I think is so important! From building LEGO sets, munching on sweets, cuddling while watching TV and even cooking to of course the traveling. This couple is ready to begin a sweet life together.

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