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August 21, 2019

You might know Megumi and James as a sweet couple and parents to be. Well, I have an announcement… Megumi and James were surprised by baby Axton one week early!

Do you remember this wonderful couple that had the warmest and loving Las Vegas maternity session in a natural Floyd Lamb park setting? I can’t forget that flowy blush dress Megumi wore! Axton must have been ready to come out and be held and snuggled by his wonderful parents. I am telling you guys Megumi was made for this thing we call motherhood. She has such a loving and caring soul. At this stage, she is put together and calm. Those are two things I could not have described myself as just weeks after giving birth to my firstborn.Las Vegas Newborn Photographer Maybe Axton was born early because he was ready to sleep tight in amazing explorer thing bedroom Megumi and James lovingly put together for him to reflect the couples love for travel. The portraits were taken mostly in his nursery and it was adorable. I love when rooms truly reflect the people in them. The nursery is certainly the heart of the home now.Las Vegas Newborn PhotographerLas Vegas Newborn Photohrapher Siga Gubista

The Day They Became Parents

Megumi and James had a couple of names picked out before he was born, but decided to wait until they could see and hold him to pick which one fit their son. Megumi describes her delivery experience as “I think, smooth and manageable thanks to amazing doctor and nurses. They walk me through from the beginning to discharge, they took great care of me like I was their family. When I first saw my son and held him skin-to-skin tears immediately rolled down my cheeks. Words can not do justice in giving an accurate description of the feeling. It’s truly amazing.”Las Vegas Newborn PhotographerLas Vegas Newborn PhotographerLas Vegas Newborn Photohrapher Siga Gubista

Selfless Love in Motherhood

Everyone has a different way they approach motherhood. Megumi describes it beautifully, “Being a mom means to be able to nurture my little one in every way I can. For example, breastfeeding was very important to me and I make sure I put a lot of time and work in it so my son gets all the nutrition he needs.” Her selfless love absolutely stands out. I had to ask what she attributes that too. “Without a child, my life would never be the same because I have a purpose in life now. I no longer put myself on priority, and every decision I make from now on is based on my son’s needs.”Las Vegas Newborn PhotographerLas Vegas Newborn PhotographerLas Vegas Newborn Photographer

Learning with Motherhood

While she looks like a natural at being a new mom she says,  “Motherhood certainly doesn’t come easy for me. There are a lot of trials and errors, but I always have a positive attitude and am willing to learn. And I do believe I’m getting better at it and starting to catch the glimpse of the joy of the motherhood.” Motherhood teaches you so much every day. “As overwhelming and miserable as it may seem sometimes, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s already getting better as he is one-month-old. He’s slowly falling into a “schedule” (if you can call it that) and less fussy every day,” says Megumi.Las Vegas Newborn PhotographerLas Vegas Newborn PhotographerLas Vegas Newborn Photographer

A Las Vegas Family Photographer’s Takeaway

I believe we all have something to learn to love from every mom- new moms and veterans. I loved the takeaway she left with me. She said, “I just want to say thank you to my little one for choosing me as a mother. He gave me life, he gave me purpose, he’s shown me a love I never knew existed.” Thankfulness is something we can all work on to spread joy and truly selfless love.Las Vegas Newborn PhotographerLas Vegas Newborn Photographer Siga GubistaLas Vegas Newborn Photographer


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