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Gilcrease Orchard Engagement Photos

August 12, 2020

Ready for a great love story? Meet Jeff and Julie. They both worked at the Bellagio, Jeff as a Hotel Manager and Julianne as a Concierge. Their paths crossed multiple times while working together, but then were finally introduced by a mutual friend. However; due to Covid, both Jeff and Julianne were furloughed right before their four-year anniversary. The plus side, was they got to spend every minute together for three-months, from March to the beginning of June. Luckily, Julianne still had her birthday to look forward to on June 9th. They made big plans to celebrate with friends and family knowing quarantine should be over, but bitter-sweet news came. Jeff could go back to work on June 6th! “We were happy that he was going back to work, but sad he was going to have to spend my day and night working at the Hotel on my birthday. Going from spending 24 hours with one another and then none hit me hard,” Julianne shares.Gilcrease Orchard Engagement PhotosGilcrease Orchard Engagement SessionCouple popping champagne Gilcrease OrchardCouple at Gilcrease Orchard Las Vegas

A New World and a New Life Together

The day before her birthday, Julianne was sad knowing that she couldn’t spend her birthday with everyone that matters to her after being in quarantine since April. “I woke up and Jeff called for me to come outside in the backyard. He explained that he wanted to give me my birthday present early since our plans had been derailed and we wouldn’t have time alone together for my birthday. So in our pajamas, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!” Julianne exclaims.

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Falling in Love and Gilcrease Orchard Engagement

Jeff was automatically attracted to Julianne’s striking blond hair and her confidence. “I loved that she wasn’t shy about ordering a bunch of food on the first date,” Jeff says smiling. Overtime Jeff loves that, “I love that she trusts our relationship and genuinely listens to my input. She’s usually very stubborn when people give her advice, but she listens to my advice eagerly.”Gilcrease Orchard Engagement SessionAlthough she rejected Jeff’s first, first-date offer to go to a punk rock concert, she was very happy he followed up with a request for Happy Hour at Public School in Downtown Summerlin. Over the last four-years Julianne found out what a genuine person Jeff is. “He’s kind, loving, generous, hilarious and compassionate. I love that he never takes life too seriously, he’s just a big kid and it has helped me have more fun in life,” Julianne explains. “I remember the first time I realized that Jeff was different then other guys, he told me that he loved when I was just relaxed, no make up, no fancy clothes etc. He just wanted me to be comfortable – and I loved that.” On any given day, you’ll usually find Jeff and Julianne on the couch, in their PJ’s, snuggled with blankets and our dogs. They both value their time at home together tremendously, so quarantine was again, bitter-sweet.Couple drinking wine on the blanket

Natural Las Vegas Wedding Photography

The couple is ready to have something to celebrate where their  families can all be together. While their yearly Disney trips might be canceled for a while, they are ready to plan something even more special- their wedding!  It makes me happy to hear that everything that’s happened this year, Julianne and Jeff remember what’s most important, each other and family. They have their health and the ones they love and nothing needs to upstage that. I know this grounded couple will be happy for a lifetime.Engagement Photos Las Vegas

Julie and Jeff, goodness, you guys. I had the best time together at your engagement session. You two are as beautiful on the outside as you are kind on the inside; and that’s saying a lot, because I don’t think it’s possible that you could be any nicer. I hope you love seeing yourselves and your love through my lens as much as I loved photographing it. I can’t wait for your  wedding in 2021!

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