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The Secret Valley of Fire Proposal


September 16, 2020


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Proposal at the Valley

A few weeks ago I got the coolest messages a photographer can get. It read, “Hi my name is Peter and I am looking to plan a proposal for my girlfriend and I was hoping you could help capture it.” I was squealing inside full of excitement. When we got to talking more I learned that Peter had it pretty much all planned out. He wanted to propose at the Valley of Fire. It’s a great landmark along the Fire Wave hike outside of Las Vegas. Peter and Courtni hike together practically every weekend so she wasn’t going to expect a thing, but this would be an extra special hike because they were just visiting Las Vegas for a little getaway.Valley of Fire Proposal

Planning a Proposal at the Valley of Fire

I definitely agreed this would be a fantastic location for a proposal. I have been there many times before for sessions and recently for an elopement in the Valley of Fire. I knew the colors in the backdrop of the photos would just sing. It was a fool-proof plan to make sure everyone had a great time, Courtni would be surprised, and that the photos would be eye-catching.Couple hugging at the Valley of FireValley of Fire Las Vegas Secret ProposalCouple walking Valley of Fire

THE Proposal at the Valley of Fire

The day of the proposal came and I felt so excited! I think proposals are the most fun for photographers, because we don’t have any of the nerves of having to propose and to be honest, I am not a fan of surprises, so I think sitting back and capturing the action is the best part! Hiking up the rock I returned to my favorite little cove where you can look up at the rock as well as the mountains in the background, then I waited…Couple holding hands at Valley of FireProposal at the Valley of Fire

My que! I watched Peter slide down onto one knee and click, click, click. I could see even through my little lens that Courtni was utterly shocked! There were gleaming smiles and tight hugs to follow that I am so glad I got to capture for the happy couple for years to come.Engagement ring Valley of Fire
Couple enjoying beautiful view at the Valley of FireCouple kissing at the Valley of fireCouple hiking at the Valley of fire

Let’s Plan a Las Vegas Proposal!

If you are looking for a grand location to propose or need someone to be stealth in capturing proposal photos then don’t hesitate to reach out! I have been taking photographs all over the Las Vegas area for over a decade. I am familiar with intown locations as well as a wide variety of natural landscapes. I am ready to turn over every stone in Las Vegas to find the perfect little spot to pop the question!



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I'm Siga and I'm so happy you're here. This blog a journal about my lives, travels, fashion, and style. Stay a while and say hello!

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Wedding day 

Need help with your Wedding Day Timeline? I got you covered! 



WEDDING DAY timeline

Need help with your Wedding day timeline? I got you covered! 

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