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Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas


February 21, 2022


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Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas

The Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas is a popular destination for many couples. From celebrity weddings to spectacular packages, there are many reasons why couples choose this location as their matrimonial spot. 

If you are thinking of heading down to Nevada for a taste of Sin City’s wedding vibe, then we highly recommend the Little White Chapel. Keep scrolling to learn more about this unconventional but surprisingly romantic location.

Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas

What Is The Little White Chapel?

As the name suggests, it is a chapel famously known for many celebrity weddings and the Drive-Thru Tunnel of Vows. The historic chapel has been standing since the 1950s and has married hundreds of couples. The chapel is one of the most famous places to be married.

Celebrities, elopers, and family generations alike have chosen this chapel as their ideal place to take their views. The chapel’s team is dedicated to making every couple’s day unique and memorable. 

Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas Elopement

Thus, you will often find beautiful flower arrangements and decorations depending on your package budget and available time.

The Little White Chapel provides couples with multiple chapels, including the Chapel L’Amour, Crystal Chapel, and MJ Chapel. You can find these and more spots at their address on 1301 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104s.

Little White Chapel couple eloped

Services Of The Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas 

The Little White Chapel is a special place that offers romantic and affordable options with uniqueness. The most popular are:

Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas Ceremony

This is the classic wedding chapel ceremony ideal for couples on a budget. It can occur on short notice since all you need are the documents. The ceremony package includes traditional wedding music, processing post-ceremony documents, and the option of a religious or civil ceremony.

The package can also provide you with two witnesses if you need them. The minister’s fee is excluded, but you can appreciate them through cash donations. This package will cost you $75.

Pink Cadillac Ceremony

This ceremony involves the famous Little White Chapel pink Cadillac. While the vehicle does not move, it will serve the couple with beautiful photos ideal for aesthetics. It is also an ideal option for car enthusiasts. 

The ceremony happens in the Tunnel of Love, and it can be civil or religious, depending on your wishes. The chapel will process the post-ceremony documents, and you will get witnesses if you need them or you can bring your own guests. It will cost you $95, excluding the minister’s fee.

The World Famous Drive Thru Tunnel of Love Ceremony

This famous wedding chapel ceremony is hosted at the sophisticated, lengthy canopy with a divine sky of painted cherubs and LED stars. This drive-thru ceremony takes only 15 minutes, so it is ideal for couples in a hurry or have a short time frame. 

The package includes a ceremony, witnesses if needed, and post-ceremony documents processing. Similarly, this package does not include the minister fee, but it will cost you an affordable $50. 

Little White Chapel Drive Thru Ceremony

Love is in the Air

This is the most expensive romantic offering and with good reason too. It involves a helicopter ride with the ceremony held in the air. However, the pilot may sometimes recommend the ceremony to proceed on the tarmac. 

Either way, it is an ideal package for couples who love the thrill and want a memorable experience. The package includes a boutonniere, love Recipe Keepsake, Rules for a Happy Marriage Keepsake, a bridal bouquet, and witnesses if you need them. It will cost you approximately $1,255, excluding the minister’s fee. 

Elvis Tribute 1 And 2

And finally, many people know about the Elvis tribute packages. It is why so many people flock to this location for a wedding ceremony. 

Tribute 1 involves a pink Cadillac wedding chapel ceremony in the tunnel of love, traditional wedding music in the chapel, a bridal bouquet, and serenading from Elvis. You will also get witnesses if you need them, and it will cost you $405, excluding the minister’s fee. Tribute 2 offers the same, only that Elvis will marry you on top of serenading. It also comes with a boutonniere. This will cost you $525. 

The Little White Wedding Chapel Elvis Ceremony

Celebrity and TV Appearances 

Still not convinced that this is the ideal location for your Las Vegas wedding? It was the best for many celebrity weddings, including Michael Jordan, Joe Jonas, and Sophie Turner, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, George and Alana Hamilton, Brittney Spears, and even Mickey Rooney, who had two weddings.

Some celebrities also chose the chapel for their vow renewal ceremony, including Sylvester Stallone, Ryan Young, and Victoria Principal.

While the Little White Wedding Chapel is not the one in The Hangover movie, it has made TV appearances in The Bachelor, Good Morning America, Maury Povich, and Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous.

Pink Cadillac Elopement Las Vegas

How To Get Married In The Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas

Because of the popularity of the wedding chapel, it is best to make a reservation. It will also give the expert wedding coordinators ample time to prepare for your arrival.

Of course, you will need a marriage license from the Marriage License Bureau. Luckily, it is open till midnight, 365 days a year, and does not require you to make an appointment. You can also pre-order the license online. It doesn’t matter if its April, August, February, or December, you can be married any day of the week on Monday or Thursday with all of your friends there to witness wife and husband wed. 

With this, plus the paid amount, you are ready to have a spectacular wedding at the Little White Chapel.

Las Vegas  Couple celebrating their wedding

Some Other Las Vegas Locations to consider to add for your Las Vegas Elopement Photos:

  • Fabulous Las Vegas Sign. You can take pictures at the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. A landmark that has been standing for over 60 years.
Fabulous Las Vegas Sign Elopement
  • Neon Museum. You can visit and take pictures at the neon museum with spectacular signs from old and famous casinos. 
Neon Museum Elopement Photos
  • Downtown/ Fremont Street. This is the second most famous street in the Las Vegas Valley and is an incredible spot for gaming and entertainment lovers. 
Fremont Street Elopement Photos
  • Strip. The true definition of Las Vegas; packed with neon lights, gambling floors, music venues, entertainment acts, and more. 
Strip Location for Elopement photos

Las Vegas Elopement Photographer to Capture the Moment

Don’t forget to have a professional photographer capture all the romance on this special day. The Little White Wedding Chapel allows you to bring your own photographer! The best photographers can meet you there on site for your service and capture all the fun and romance of this great experience in Las Vegas. Regardless of the venue Siga Gubista Photography has an offering that all couples can afford to make this the wedding day of your dreams!



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Wedding day 

Need help with your Wedding Day Timeline? I got you covered! 



WEDDING DAY timeline

Need help with your Wedding day timeline? I got you covered! 

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