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July 24, 2019

I am so excited to share this romantic Las Vegas Destination Elopement with you today!  I got the opportunity to photograph it right in my backyard! Did you know that elopements can be in the makings longer than most weddings?Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

A Beautiful Day in the Making

Many people have a misconception that elopements are for people who don’t really care about their big day and haven’t put a lot of thought into their day. In my experience elopements have been sharing intimate moments with the essential that are most important and thought out to the couple. This elopement was years in the making as the Melissa and Jason have been together eight-years and have been raising three children. The next step was tying the knot.Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

A Natural Las Vegas Backdrop

Another misconception about Las Vegas weddings is that the brides wear skimpy dresses and the men where an Elvis inspired tux. A Las Vegas elopement does not need to be about glitz and glam with the lights of casino in the background. There are beautiful landscapes around Las Vegas that make for a highly romantic getaway destination and I love that Melissa and Jason from Oklahoma took note of that and came to Las Vegas to elope.Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

A Las Vegas Elopement

Melissa wore a gorgeous princess dress at the foothills of this Las Vegas Spring Mountain Ranch. Jason wore jeans and a vest with a tie. They created a cohesive look by incorporating navy into the wedding day look, which can be found in Jason’s vest and the bridesmaid’s dresses. The wedding was sweet and simple, surrounded by the most loving people.Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Melissa and Jason, you two are truly as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. Love the way you love your family, and love the way you love your friends like family, and I felt so honored to be part of that inner circle for this special day. I  hope you love your photos as much as I loved taking them, and that each time you see them, they’d help you re-live the magic of your special day over and over again. That, for years and generations to come, you’d see yourselves as I saw you on that day: two beautiful people, in love, ready to change the world… together. Because, it turns out, with people like you, one plus one doesn’t equal two. It equals infinite possibilities.

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